Are Siamese Cats Mean?

Having a mean cat around the house can be quite upsetting. You dreamed of a home with two kids and a nice, friendly cat who would meow to you in the morning, give you a lick and then curl up on your lap in the evening. Instead, you got two kids that don’t appreciate you and a cat whose sole purpose seems to be to destroy you and anything and everything you like.

Are Siamese cats mean? No, Siamese cats are not usually mean. They are well-known to be friendly and sociable cats. There are always exceptions though, as with any breed of cat. If a Siamese Cat is ever mean there are certain things you can do to stop this detailed in this article.

What Is a Mean Cat?

Although it’s not really fair to label a whole breed of cat as mean it is fair to say that some breeds have more pronounced personality traits than others. But what exactly do we mean by mean? (See what I did there?) What we mean by mean (I’ll stop now, promise) is a cat that is either unfriendly, spiteful, aggressive, downright nasty, a combination of these or quite simply, all of them!

Some examples of a cat being mean might be when you go to gently stroke them and after approximately 0.1 seconds from the point when you touch their fur they have all claws extended and stuck into the skin on your hands. This is followed, shortly after, by them sinking their teeth into you.

Or, there may be a situation when you decide to walk past them without asking permission first. This will result, of course, with your feet and toes being chased, caught and ‘got’, resulting in several puncture wounds. Asking permission before you do this, in case you’re interested, has the same result. Hardly seems fair.

Or, the time you thought it was a good idea to introduce a second cat in the vain hope that it was the root cause behind their cruelty. Two weeks later the cat that was introduced looks as traumatized as you.

Is a Cat Born Mean or Made That Way?

I don’t believe that any cat is born with a mean streak in their body. Unfortunately, I think the damage is usually done at an early age. A very important time in a cat’s life is when they are just removed from their mother and during those first few weeks, their personality starts to shape. If they are not treated particularly well during this period or are in discomfort, for whatever reason, it can have a negative impact on their personality for the course of their lives.

For instance, and I hate the thought of this, but some cats are unfortunately abused by their owners at a young age. Sometimes, these cats (fortunately) eventually find their way into a rescue center but a lot of the damage will have already been done by this point. It can take a lot of time (and patience) to revert the damage has done and the trust the cat may have lost in us and it may not even be possible, depending what damage was caused – however, there’s usually something that can be done but more on this later.

Typical Siamese Cat Personality

It’s very easy for people like me to make throw-away comments, such as the Siamese being different from every other cat breed and that it has some really unique personality traits. Arguably, you could say this about all cat breeds of course, and it would be true. However, there is something about the Siamese that, in my opinion, sets it apart from most other breeds.

Firstly, it is well-regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cat in existence today. But what does that mean exactly? Will they be able to help you with your son’s calculus homework perhaps? Well, maybe not – but they can be trained. “A cat trained”, you say in shocked disbelief? Yes – the Siamese can be trained to do many things most cats would simply stick their noses up at. For instance, there aren’t many cats that could come out on a walk with you and not run away.

Well, the Siamese can be trained to do this. They can also be trained to perform some tricks, like fetching things for you. Finally, they can be trained to drive a car – as long as its an automatic! Okay, that last one isn’t true.

The Siamese is loyal and many owners have found that the cat chooses a favorite in the home and stick with them throughout their lives. They will follow anyone they like around your house though, just because they want to be with them. No, they won’t necessarily want to jump up onto your lap – but they will want to be somewhere that they can see you. Expect them to follow you around the house, including the bathroom where they will sit and stare at you as you do your business.

They are a cat that requires stimulation to survive and thrive. One that doesn’t have this may become depressed which can lead to health problems in a short amount of time. They should not, therefore, be left alone for long periods of time. For instance, if there’s no-one around the house all day whilst you’re at work and the cat is at home alone, this is too long.

Consider buying not just one, but two Siamese. They can get along very well if introduced at an early age (or if they are siblings) and will keep each other company and play with each other, reducing the pressure on you to do it – not that it’s exactly a chore!

Can You Make a Siamese Cat More Friendly?

If you have somehow inherited a mean Siamese cat, then there are some things you can do which may make them a little more sociable. None of these ‘fixes’ is a quick solution though and you will need a lot of patience.

You can do this by acting calm whenever in their presence. Don’t move around fast, don’t approach them quickly and don’t make loud noises. As you can imagine, this is a challenge if you have children so you will have to educate them on how they need to act and behave around the mean Siamese.

Don’t follow them around the house, let them come to you and never stare at them. Whenever they look at you, do a slow-blink back at them (this tip is the best and included in the article I referenced above). After doing this, look away slowly and yawn.

Bribe them. I genuinely don’t have a problem with this. In fact, it works wonders with my son! Give them chicken, fish, whatever it takes to make them happy. Give them toys and interact with them – if they don’t want to play, leave them alone.

If you repeat the above, day-after-day, you will see a change of their personality over time as they begin to trust you and realize you’re not a threat and won’t cause them any harm or stress.

Conclusion – so is the Siamese cat mean?

Well, occasionally yes – there are some Siamese cats that can be mean but this is an exception, rather than the rule. It’s not the end of the world though if yours is a little bit on the mean side as there are ways to convince them that there’s no reason for them to be this way. It takes time and a lot of patience but if you have these then you can fix them!

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